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MYSSCOS LTD is a leading automation company in India with a good work record from its inception. Mysscos Engineers have a vast range of skills, expertise, and experience to address all technical needs. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in automation, mechanical, electric, electronic & chemical and facility management.

We have good knowledge in water treatment solutions, industrial & home automation, digital securities, waste management and facility management.

Mysscos offers innovative solutions in the above sectors under a single brand, which strive to satisfy the needs of each client whilst using available resources to serve people ultimately improving their quality of life.

Mysscos Run Trust known as IPS (Intern Person Service) which established in 2012 for development of people who are failing to show their talent, potential for many reasons by lack of money or by family background etc.IPS specially lift this people and gives solution as per their problem and cultivate good habits which are essential to stand in present environment.

Our Services

Water Treatment Solutions

In connection with contracts that may extend from few months to any no. of years, we operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, whether or not we built them, to enable municipalities to optimize their production costs associated with water and wastewater treatment, to ensure effective management of their assets, to respect the standards and regulations in effect for healthy safety, the environment and quality.

Digital Security Services

Society / Residential Security is a very big problem now a days. To overcome the security problem we have launched a digital security system that helps you to give full proof security to your society and also saves 10 times cost compared normal security guard service. It’s a combination of automation & bouncer patrolling & wifi camera monitoring 24*7. It avoids unauthorized access 100%

Door Automation

We Mysscos Ltd are one of the trusted manufacturers of automatic doors / boom barriers/ gates etc. We provide international quality standards product with innovation that adopts security and reliability. We have all types of access controls that include PIR sensor, thumb access, face reader, RFID cards access and so on. The system is applicable for society, factory, gyms, shops, malls, offices & residential bungalows .

Elevator Maintenance

We provide high-quality Elevator Repair Service to maximize elevator safety, reliability and comfort. Our expertise do inspection and assessment of current lift components and provide efficient and affordable solution to customer. Our technicians can service all types of elevators and equipment.

House Keeping

We have team of trained personal having vast experience in the field of housekeeping. We offer both residential & commercial cleaning services.We have an experienced team of skilled Housekeepers and Supervisors. We also have a team of civil works which includes plumbers, electricians & carpenters..

Solar System

We are wasting 50 to 60% electricity or LPG for heating water we needs. Solar water heaters are the best solution for our hot water needs. Systems designed and manufactured by us assured you hot water more than 320 days through out the year. We are offering 5 years warrantee for system with prompt service always.

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